DJ Akademiks Tells What Really Happened

Hey....Joe Budden is gone from Everyday Struggle! Will he be back and what is really going on?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden is GONE from the “Everyday Struggle” show and it looks like it is falling apart! I mean, I really had no idea that this thing was so big! People now are saying they aren’t going to watch the show anymore! What the hell! One person that will keep watching is his co-host DJ Akademiks that we have never seen dog the wax. LOL!

Anyway, I peeped on a message board where they explained in great detail how AK feels. Check out out:

* Joe warned us for a month, I thought he was bluffing

* Complex did not inform me that he was let go, above my pay grade

* Complex's statement is very dry

* This show is big because of ME and Joe not just Joe

* Joe deserves a farewell episode

* Paternity leave excuse was bullsh*t

* Complex edited a statement I made about Joe on today's episode

* I wouldn't want to do this show with anyone else because we have months of chemistry

* Whoo Kid is great in pre-production but has jetters on the show

* The show would have been 15 minutes and shot at 2 pm if Joe didn't change it up

* Nadeska was picked by Joe to be the moderator

* 5-10% chance Joe comes back

* I am still under contract but renegotiating

* Chat niggas suggest I leave because no Joe, if I weren't under contract I probably would

* Me and Joe are cool, talk frequently

* I am interested to see what Joe says om his podcast

* Lil Yatchy wants to replace Joe

*Ak says Joe might blow up the internet tomorrow and expose Complex on his podcast. This sh*t finna be lit


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@papipeligro aint nothing wrong with critique


It makes perfect sense for someone with some common sense. You're on here replying to an article that you say you don't care about.


People leave jobs everyday bee


@ikinggodgivbiz Ninja that ain't even make no sense.