DJ Calls Out Cardi B For Being Disrespectful & Unprofessional

Cardi B's reputation, character, and professionalism are already being attacked.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh!

Hopefully we won't have to hear about anymore stories like this about Cardi B!

According to DJ Fresh, Cardi B was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional when performing at a Cincinnati show.

Cardi's team didn't have the music with them, no run of show, and no information on where to start and stop the music.

Her team told him that they figured that he'd have her music, and that was the first red flag for him.

Fresh said during Cardi's performance she couldn't get into it so her manager told him to cut the music. He said Cardi turned to him and disrespected him by asking him was he dumb when the manager was the one who told him to cut the music.

Fresh said the issue is Cardi disrespected him and his city when it was her ill-prepared management that caused the problem.

To him this wasn't cool especially since he says DJs playing her record helped it go No. 1.

DJ Fresh says that her management should've communicated to her that they had dropped the ball, and he believes that she should've never disrespected him and the city as far as artist to DJ etiquette.

Cardi's response did seem a little diva-ish.

Do you think she could've handled the situation a little better?

The problem isn't that she called him out as much as it's that she called him out when it was her team's fault.

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