DJ Khaled Gets A Response From Tyler The Creator!


Tyler is not here for the DJ Khaled shade!

UPDATE: You know, Tyler the Creator is a bit of a hippy to me. When I say that, I just mean that he is pretty non-threatening and peaceful. A younger dude that is just loving and living his best life. But, DJ Khaled "came for him" and he's now responding. Check out the tweet that echoed all over the social media-sphere.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, the homie DJ Khaled is known to be one of the most positive dudes in Hip-Hop! He's got quote after quote after quote! he's a whole inspiration, but are cracks in this armor of positivism showing up? We already reported that DJ Khaled ran up on his people at Epic Records pissed off that he didn't come in at No. 2 on his new album. Now, we know "all he does is win," but some are saying that the Miami-based marketing master is having a melt down.

In a new video, he seemed to take a swipe at the man that came in that No. 1 slot....Tyler The Creator.

But, the beef does not end there!

DJ Khaled may also have some beef with the magazine called Billboard . Khaled is apparently angry with them because 100,000 digital downloads of Father of Asahd were sold with nutritional supplements. WTF?! This is what we are doing now to move units? Anyway, Khaled says this method of sales was approved by Billboard. However, reports say Billboard did NOT approve of this! Now, in all fairness, IGOR, the album by Tyler The Creator, also was sold in bundles with merch. That got him over. Does Khaled have a point here? It is not so clear that he is just having a "meld down."

How about we quickly review some of positive quotes from the big homie before he carry on.

  • They kick you when you're down, but they wanna kick it when you're up.”
  • “You can never run out of keys.”
  • “You gotta water your plants. ..."
  • “Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don't want us to win.”
  • “I'm all about peace. ..."
  • "We gonna win more."

KHALED! You gonna win some more! Don't do this! I know he thought Father of Asahd was gonna be the hottest album of the year. But that wasn't to be! Its OK! Just keep it moving!

Now, here is the catch. I am thinking that some people may be on to something. They are suggesting that this angst is all a part of the marketing of the album, Father of Asahd. It is possible that he's looking to come around and get that No. 1 slot on the second week in! He's not slick! This is good promo, because people were not really talking about it before this. In fact, a lot of folks were saying that the album is not that great. I think its solid!

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Never knew why people cant see through khalid, hes phony


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