Doe B’s Posthumous Album Cover Causes Controversy!


It’s still pretty hard for Doe B fans to come to terms with the fact that the young rapper was gunned down over three years ago.

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) With this being said, many are outraged at the fact that Doe B’s posthumous album, ‘No Life After Death’s,’ cover is a photo of him in his [open] casket.

The late rapper’s manager Frank White posted the image to his Instagram.

One person who truly took offense to the cover was the mother of Doe B’s children, Dariauna Dior. Dior decided to call out White about it, which lead to him deleting photos of the cover and making an announcement that Doe B’s album would no longer be coming out.

Issa Mess! Many were divided on the subject though. Some felt that it’s disrespectful and insensitive to post, share, distribute images of an individual in a casket, and others argued that it had a powerful message behind it, reminding people what happened to this rapper, and encouraging people to stop the violence.

What are your thoughts?