Does Drake Have Something Lethal On Kanye West?

Is there some great big ol's secret Drake has on Kanye?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West has returned home. He has people like The Cons, Jon Monopoly and GLC around him again.He's doing interviews in Chicago. He's KINDA apologizing for slavery comments. AND, he's apologizing directly to Drake. I mean, Kanye publicaly said sorry so much that he started rumors that were already out there. So, I am going to take you back a bit. Remember, our interview with J. Prince? J. Prince continued to mention "poor Kanye." It definitely had an ominous feel to it.

People wanted Drake to reply so much that they didn't really "hear." But there was something else afoot. Now, Kim Kardashian has already denied that she and Drake had any sort of sexual affair, but its still rumored. Now, she could issue a denial and something still be true. After that, the whole Tweet-pology came out. Kanye put out some very positive vibes into the world, but it has people talking. What does Drake have on him?!

On the other side. Drake has been dissing Kanye over and over and over. They are small jabs, but jabs nonetheless. These are things that would probably get past J. Prince's radar. LOL! You know ain't no defying Mr. Prince! Now, coming up DRake has a new song with French Montana called "No Stylist," where he takes aim at 'Ye. "

Keeping it G I told her dont wear no 350s round me.


I think Kanye is trying to quell Drake's thirst for revenge with positive energy. It seems doubtful that Drake will go for it and even more unlikely that Kanye is even sending those tweets!!!


No. 1-2

It just doesnt make sense to keep throwing Subs at Ye When Pusha wants all The Smoke


Drake probably got a video with Kim. Never make a ho a house wife. Only other thing more damaging is if ye is in the closet and Drake got proof or ye dont produce FOR REAL. I mean shit what else could ether ye?