Does Fetty Wap Have A Love Child On The Way?


Photo via Fetty Wap's Instagram

Fetty Wap has been having a lot of relationship drama lately. Just last week his sister and baby mama were involved in a heated social media feud. This week a young lady by the name of Celina is claiming that she is pregnant by Fetty! She claims that she is having Fetty Wap's love child. She posted a pic of a positive pregnancy text and tagged Fetty in it (the post has since been deleted). The woman stated that she met Fetty after DM'ing his friend Monty. The woman says she ended up in Fetty's room where he allegedly told her he forgot condoms. She replied telling Fetty that it was okay because she was "clean." Well now the woman is saying she is pregnant by Fetty, and according to her, Fetty doesn't want her posting anything until he has a DNA test. It sounds like Fetty may be really worried more about his other baby mamas, girl friend, and trap queens finding out.

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