Does Fetty Wap Have A Secret Son & Another Baby On The Way?


Photo via Fetty Wap's Instagram

Every other day there is a rumor that Fetty Wap got a new woman pregnant. While his baby mama Lezhae Zeona has been Twitter beefing with his latest baby mama Love & Hip Hop's Masika, rumor has it that Fetty Wap could be the father of a 3-month-old boy by a woman named Shaniqua, and he has another baby on the way by another woman named Elaynna, who he recently spent time with in Las Vegas. Remember Fetty is also in a relationship with Alexis Skyy. Apparently Fetty Wap doesn't believe in using condoms.

Fetty denied being involved with the mother of the 3-month-old. Shaniqua claims everything was cool between her and Fetty until she revealed she was pregnant. She says at that point Fetty suggested that she get an abortion. She claims there was no contact between the two until she revealed to Fetty that she was having a boy. Shaniqua suggested that Fetty take a paternity test, but allegedly he declined. She also claims that Fetty Wap's baby mama Lezhae showed up at her home trying to fight her. If Fetty doesn't start wrapping it up, a disease/diseases and child support could catch up to him.