Does Fetty Wap Have Another Baby On The Way?

Fetty Wap won't wrap it up to save his life. The singer-rapper just may have another bundle of joy coming soon.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Although it's been pretty quiet lately for Fetty Wap, well outside of lawsuits that is, the rapper just can't seem to stay away from drama and impregnating people.

As much as his on-and-off-again former girlfriend, Love & Hip Hop's Alexis Skyy swore she was done with him, somehow the girl ended up pregnant by him.

OMG it always seems like Fetty is getting someone pregnant! Can he afford it?!

Fetty's baby mama club keeps on growing and growing right along with Rick Ross'!

An insider claims that Alexis is not only pregnant by Fetty, but allegedly, they've also been kicking it pretty heavy for the last couple of months.

Alexis dropped some hints a few weeks ago when she posted some photos on her Snap Chat at Fetty's house. The two also recently followed each on on social media.

Well maybe Fetty will be able to get all of his baby mamas to get along, or maybe he won't. Alexis hates Fetty's other baby mama, Love & Hip Hop's Masika so bad that she even dropped a diss record about her!

At this point, they are all dumb and probably would be happier sharing Fetty as sister-wives.

I ain't one to gossip, LOL, but apparently Fetty doesn't like condoms, and apparently these girls and him don't care about their health, but eh, that's none of my business.

Welp, I guess the Love & Hip Hop reunion will be lit! What are your thoughts?

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