Does Irv Gotti Have Plans To Squash His Beef With 50 Cent?


Irv Gotti doesn't seem too optimistic about him and 50 Cent ever coming to an understanding.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, if you ever thought Irv Gotti and 50 Cent may bury the hatchet, don't get your hopes up.

Irv Gotti stopped by 'The Real' to discuss a number of things, and of course one of the hosts asked him about his beef with 50 Cent that's been going on for over 15 years.

"Do you think that this is ever going to get squashed?" asked Adrienne Bailon.

Irv replied by saying,

"No. That was fast. I mean uh, I can never see myself being around somebody who just been hating on me for all of these years. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I'm like a stand up guy. I would be like what am I doing. ...You would have to really ask him where it stems from or whatever. I don't ever......Even I took down the post that I posted a couple days back when his series aired. I didn't want to involve BET with that. I didn't want to feel like I was bad mouthing BET."

Irv seems to be taking the high road, as he didn't truly bash 50 here.

Regardless you know that 50 Cent is probably going to GO IN on Irv today! What are your thoughts? Do you wish that they would shake hands and let the beef go?

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