Does Jada Pinkett-Smith Have A Boyfriend?


Jada may have a nice lil buddy on the side and he's quite well known.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The last time I checked, Will and Jada were a pair that was second to none in the rap game. Honestly, only Jay and Bey come close, but ain't no cheating with The Smiths. And they have a pair of super kids to boot! Now, recently, I have noticed that Will and Jada aren't looking as close as they used to. Jada has been spreading her wings in the talk show stuff and whatever and Will seems to be all over the world with the illest social media strategy to boot. Everybody is impressed and he's been on IG like a year! But, as things have developed and Jaden drops albums and Willow strums her guitar gently, a thing has developed. Check this out, a letter from August Alsina.

People are saying that August Alsina is the boy friend of Jada Pinkett-Smith! Now, I just thought homeboy was a guest on her show, which is gaining popularity, but I don't know! The way the letter is worded certainly is powerful like something you would say to somebody that you are smitten over! Now, the rumors of an open marriage and other people have lingered for quite some time, but they were in hushed tones. This is overt and out there in the open like a fresh cut, unfettered by the ways of humankind. I do not know what I just said, but it sure seems serious!

Now, a little research shows that this has been quietly going on for quite some time. Last year, AA was kicking it with Jada's mom...and Jada.

He was on her show and talked about his bout with depression and some things. I don't know. Is this her boy toy friend or is she just helping a young man in need of some family love?

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Kush Gang
Kush Gang

I thought it was know they have an open marriage.


Dude is corny as the f-u-c-k, and I thought Jada was a Lebo???