Does Joe Budden Owe The Migos?

Will Offset's "Queer" lyric affect 'Culture II'?

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Migos recently announced that their 'Culture II' album would be released this month. Now we're seeing the media rounds to support the project.

'Culture II' is set to be released Grammy awards weekend on Friday, January 26.

The group sat down with Beats 1 host Ebro for an interview to discuss the album and various topics.

The interview shed light on many things surrounding the group. Migos stated they chose the January 26 release date for 'Culture II' because it's the one year anniversary of their 'Culture' album.

The group felt 'Culture' was their biggest album and wanted to both acknowledge and celebrate.

Offset was also asked about being in the spotlight more due to his high profile relationship, to which he answered with remarks about it not bothering him as much as it would a normal person. He also spoke about this not being his first industry relationship, but this being the most high profile one.

They also were asked about their group dynamic and how they became rappers. Here we saw Quavo and Offset show their respect to Takeoff for being the first rapper initially.

Even while attempting to play the background, Quavo and Offset made sure to tell Takeoff to accept his moment. To which he would also acknowledge him being the first rapper of the three while Offset and Quavo were involved in athletics.

The group also joked when asked about Joe Budden. They joked about him owing them a cut of his new check from his future Revolt TV deal for helping him go solo.

They also got serious when speaking about Budden and acknowledged that they wish the best for Joe and don't think he doesn't like them. They just think that he's passionate about Hip Hop and is basically just trying to protect it.

This interview with Beats 1 is easily the best Migos interview ever.

Also it was the most insightful as they prepare to release their 'Culture II' album.

The group is nominated for 2 awards at the January 28th Grammy awards show: one for Best Rap Album and another for Best Rap Performance.

Additionally some folks are wondering has the backlash from the controversy surrounding Offset's anti queer-vibing lyric going to delay or negatively impact the roll out of 'Culture II'.

Do you think Migos will win a Grammy award at this years event?

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