Does Lil Pump Believe In Showers?

Simone Grant

From peeing on money to not showering, Lil Pump is full of surprises.

Lil Pump has a question for his 1.2 million and growing twitter followers.

“Why shower if your getting dirty again?”

Those are his words, not mine.

This definitely has people questioning his hygiene and cleanliness. 

If you don’t remember, in 2018, Pump posted an Instagram video of him peeing on singles in a hotel bathroom. 

The rapper said he was bored at the moment. When asked why he did such a foul act, he said, “The money dirty anyways.” Not to mention, he fired his manager for not picking up the urine infested cash.

Now I’m not sure if his way of gaining attention or he really doesn’t shower on a regular, but he surely got us wondering. 

What y’all think? Do you think Pump is trying to look for attention?

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Everyone believes in.


Why wipe your ass if you're gonna shit again.