Does Nicki Minaj Have A Point In Rant Against Billboard?


Nicki Minaj is pissed at Billboard for allegedly not recognizing the impact of Black artistry.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I probably should go read this article about Lady Gaga, because it apparently set off Nicki Minaj. (For the record, a google search didn't produce the article for me.) From the post, I gather the story in Billboard mag said that Gaga influenced Rihanna, Beyonce and the Big Barb. Well, we know that ain't hardly right. And Nicki lambasted them for it.

What do you say about this?

She had some valid points! As far as influences, we have to look at Nicki at this point because she has lead the way for this new era. Clearly, Trina and Kim and others like Monie Love, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte came before her. As far as Gaga is concerned, she is a brilliant artist that also has her influences too, like Madonna. The Billboard article alleges there were a lot of copy cats after Gaga popped off.

And on that note, I am...

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Nicki is very pretty and very successful in her own right can get anything she wants with that being said she is very insecure and doesn't want to see others win at all

Peace XXX
Peace XXX

Here is the interview:

You should not post this type comment without checking your sources. Anyway the Billboard columnist doesn't even mentions any other artist. This was probably Nicki's interpretation, which shows a lot of what she thinks about it.

No shade. I just think she's creating unnecessary beef. Peace!