Does Tyga Have His Eye On A 14-Year-Old Aspiring Model?


Photo via Tyga's Instagram

Rumor has is that Tyga has set his eyes on a new younger girl. A source told Ok Magazine that Tyga has been trying to hook up with a 14-year-old girl he met on Instagram. The source claims the two haven't hooked up yet, but he texts her everyday telling her how beautiful she is, and how he can't wait to hang out with her. The girl is reportedly an aspiring model and high school freshman. Like any high school teenager, she was excited to have gained the attention of a star, and shared the alleged DMs of Tyga telling her she was dope and asking her if she's ever in L.A. The fact that he was allegedly getting it in with Kylie long before she was 18 makes your ask; is Tyga a pedophile?

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