Does Wack 100 Have Beef With Other Real Gang Members?

There seems to be a lot of beef out in the streets!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The hood politics in Los Angeles and beyond is crazy. I personally could not imagine living that life! When I think of the people that do, I can only realize they are on a whole different level than I am. Anyway, Wack 100 is one of the OG of the Bloods (from our vantage point) and a manager of a bunch of people including The Game, Blueface and I think Chris Brown. He's earned what he's killed in this game, so to speak.

But what if people want to kill him? This seems to be the case right now. Check out this video of this older gentleman that seems to be one of Wack's OGs.

In my opinion, this seems serious. Seriously! I didn't even understand half of what was going on in the video, language-wise. We saw what happened with Nipsey! This most recent stuff seems to be related to the E-40 stuff. Let's keep it peace!

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Blood pulled Wack's card, Real Talk... Lets see how quik Wack try to peace this out. Wack act like he a monster with peaceful dudes (he knocked Stitches out), getting reckless at the mouth with Charlie Hustle (quiet as its kept 40 can and will have him touched, but E is smart he don't tongue wrestle with nig-norants) Now wack got some real life action figures calling him out... Whatup Wack, Mr. Tough Guy?