Domestic Abuse? Chief Keef’s Baby Moms Goes Berserk (VIDEO)


by inside man

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(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know if Chief Keef still makes music, but it must suck to be his baby moms. You gotta be careful who you lay down with, people! It is unclear what happened here, but we know some of the allegations. Keef’s baby moms repeatedly alleges that he’s a b!tch a$$ ni99a! NICE! And, more seriously, she charges that Keef struck her. In the video, she shows her lip which appears to be bloodied. Seems like he hit her after she hit him – allegedly. Despite this attack, she continues to pursue the alleged violent rapper in a car chase and pulls up next to his vehicle, continuing to yell at him. This is crazy, folks! I hope these people get some help!