Dr. Dre Has A Response To Wife's Divorce...PRENUP!


Dr. Dre is not going down with out a fight and there's $800 million on the line!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Dr. Dre has a response to his wife’s filing for divorce and that response is there is a prenup!

If you thought Dr. Dre Was going to take a loss over the divorce from his wife, you pick the wrong answer. Dr. Dre reportedly has protection of his empire through a prenuptial agreement. The rapper/producer/mogul has filed a response to his wife’s divorce petition, saying that he will certainly pay spousal support. 

However, the prenup will decide how they go forward from here on. Now, it is a bit confusing but it seems like Dr. Dre is saying there is a prenup and the wife is saying there is no prenup. I don’t know where the confusion could be in this but there is no question that if there’s a prenup, there’s a prenup! If there is not a prenup, there is not a prenup! I am going to assume there is a prenup because Dr. Dre isn’t a fool. He was worth a lot of money and had a lot of value when he and Nicole got together.They were married for 24 long years!

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Every body knows I am a black history hit man and a hip-hop scholar. Meaning, I am not going to open my mouth unless I know what I'm talking about. Dre had the gold digger sign a prenup. Ok. She is a lawyer as well. What she saying is, the strength of the prenup is only good for so long. Dre has a plea bargain Attorney. She has a lot of dirt on Dre I'm sure he don't want to be made public. He will settle. He just don't want to get robbed blind. Cause she getting payed to lay on her back like the rest of the throw backs. Shots go out to Illseed.

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you lost me at everybody....