Dr. Dre May Be The Blame For Busta's Lack Of Solo Album!

Waiting for Busta Rhymes? Look no farther than Dr. Dre, my G.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Damn, Bussa Bus! It has been a very long time since we got an album from Busta Rhymes aka The Dungeon Dragon! Technically, the last album is The Year of The Dragon, but it was released by Google Play, some weird dropped ball in the world of technology! How did this happen? It has been too long, we have been waiting for an album by Bussa Bus! He remains one of the illested to EVER touch the mic! BUT WHY? In a recent interview, the Long Island/Brooklyn reppper said it is all Dr. Dre's fault!

Peep what he told Ebro!

“Nine albums later, I’m working on an album for nine years,” Busta said. “The album that I’m getting ready to release, I’ve been recording this sh*t since 2000 and fu*king nine. I credit that patience to the Dr. Dre experience because when I was in Aftermath, this was the first time that I was stripped of all the memorabilia of my accolades and what I’ve accomplished and how great Busta Rhymes is; in my own head and from the people and from my fu*king résumé.

“Dre be like, ‘Yo, you had a great one, but you want to do it different. You want to see new results, you gotta do it a new way. Welcome to Aftermath my nigga.’ I’m like, ‘What the fu*k do this mean?’”

Busta did end up releasing album with Aftermath in 2006 called The Big Bang but that was his only release under the imprint.

Apparently, the new album is dropping on Epic Records in 2018, a really great year for Hip-Hop!