Dr. Dre May Have His Next Hip-Hop Protegee!

Dr. Dre has been pumping out hits over 30 years and he's found another young talent!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dr. Dre is a super king in rap. He has survived so many beefs and so many incarnations of rap. Now, he has come across the young boy, YBN Cordae. Lil man is dope, I can't lie. Here is the video.

I like this dude and it seems like Dr. Dre likes him even more. But, what does Dr. Dre do for a rapper that has already amassed millions and millions and of views?


Good to see Dre stay youthful and open to the changes in rap...

I'm out!

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His production has been sketchy lately tho. Compton is NOT a great album. He needs another blueprint, he's falling fast.


Love the Dre from N.W.A days. His music opinions and co-signs are irrelevant today!