Drake Calls Out Fan For Groping Woman, "I'll F*ck You Up"

Drake was ready to put the paws on a man who kept touching women at his show.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake was definitely ready to put hands on a man who allegedly got a little too touchy feely with one of the girls in the audience during his after party in Sydney.

"If you don't stop touching girls imma come out there and f-ck you up!!" Drake told the fan.

With all of the sexual assault allegations that have surfaced in the last few weeks, Drake made it clear that it wouldn't be going down at any of his events as he lead by example.

While many cheered in approval, apparently Instagram model Bria Myles had jokes!

"Captain save a... to the rescue," commented Bria.

Apparently Bria had more than jokes because after Drake's fans started going in on her, she stated that she could tell that they were Drake fans because they were so sensitive.

Drizzy fans drug the Instagram model to hell and back by saying that she was extremely bitter, and by asking her wasn't she one of Drizzy's flavors of the week two albums ago.

Bria is out here sounding like a bitter ex, or someone who is bitter and knows more than we know.

Oh well, it's good to see the 6 God standing up for women. Check out the video below.

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