Drake Has A Serious Hater, But...OH SO FUNNY!

A famous white comic does not really care for Drake. And well....listen up.

(AllHipHop Rumor) Bill "Basic White Dude" Burr is one funny guy! His Philly take down is one of the most epic roasts in the history of roasts! Well, the guy is known to keep it real and nothing is off limits. Not even Drake! Now, before you get going, Bill Burr is not a racist, but he is white. I just want to get that out of that way. Now, this is not just a Drake take-down, but he definitely gets to Drake after talking about everything from Mayonnaise (something whites love) and emo-ting on social media. Anyway, if you take time to listen to this, he goes in on Drake around the 2:40 minute mark. "He's always whining..." Bill says. "He's got this great life...he's banging models..." Anyway, its all in too fun. Some people would say he's a bit racist for this, but I think its more real talk from a honkie's unique perspective.

For the record, he doesn't like Pusha too much either for exposing Drake.

Here is the famous Philly Roast.

Here is the explanation.