Drake Hints On Possible Collab With Bad Boy & Tags Tory Lanez


What could Drake, Diddy, and Tory Lanez be cooking up?

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) OVO’s Mozart, Drake, seems to be preparing to overtake the music world again with the recent emergence of new candid pictures and coded captions.

One picture in particular raised a few eyebrows when the rapper recently appeared very comfortable on an airport landing strip, courtesy of Bad Boy Entertainment.

One wonders if 6 God and Diddy have something cooking up their sleeves, as the photo’s caption quotes “Diplomatic Immunity”.

The short definition of that phrase is to be given safe passage in an area that is not your own…adding two and two in this scenario is not hard to do.

Drake must feel rather safe in the hands of Bad Boy, where Tory Lanez may not (as suggested by the fact that Lanez was tagged in the photo).

Drizzy also cared to share a few candid extras of him being “Drakey” in the studio, so it’s not hard to read between the lines.

The 6 God is soon to take over our airwaves once again!




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