Drake Is Trying To Line Up His Next Girlfriend And She's Dope!

Drake's likely to take a trip across the pond for this one.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Stefflon Don is a banger! The UK rapper is really one of a kind in this time and age. She's got the looks, the skills and also the looks! "Senseless" wasn't quite my cup of tea, but there are over 17 million people that feel differently on YouTube. "Lil Bitch" was more my style. I am no gauge of what's hot, but that song was my speed. Anyway, this is one bad 26-year old - across the board.

Seems like Drake feels the same. He slide into her DMs, except it was on IG Live! Here's how it went down according to The Jasmine Brand.

“Stefflon Don: I’m looking for love out here in the streets. Are you in a relationship? ‘Cause I’m not looking for a guy who has a girl already.

Drake: Nah, I’m single and ready to mingle.

Stefflon Don: why should you be my man, then?

Drake: I’m a confident guy. I can hold my own in any room. I’ve known you for a while. We bust enough jokes together. We can cook up chune together in the stu…”

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I don't even think Drake wants to get with her. I think he wants to hook her up and help her pop off. I could be wrong, but I think he's helping her blowup more than what she already is.

Here is some more from Steffy: