Drake Looking At Jay-Z For Lyrical Hints?


by Houston Williams Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake and Jay-Z are like frenemies, right? They were doing all these songs together once upon a time. And then things got competitive. So, over time, there have been a number of punches and jab and straight shots too. Its not a battle or anything like that. Nevertheless, they are racing towards…something. Not sure what. ANYWAY.

Seems like Drake was hanging out at a Japanese restaurant in Baltimore and decided it was time to hear Jay-Z’s album. Well, that is exactly what they did as they dined. The word is, 6god started to request the god MC’s album at 11:55pm. You know it dropped at midnight so it must have been on his brain. Seems like the restaurant broke protocol because they have a DJ. Nevertheless, Drake wants to hear Jay…Drake hears Jay. They listened to the whole album.