Drake Looks To Work With Benny The Butcher


The Griselda crew could be going to new heights!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Everybody hates Drake, but they love him when he is talking to real street cats like Griselda. In this new epic interview, it looks like Drake seems to work with the crew from Buffalo, New York. Now, I have some "views" on this, but I am also worried about it! Look at what he says:

Now, Benny, Westside and Conway have all worked with big names like Busta, `Black Thought, Eminem and even Pusha-T. Well, Drake would be a good look for the crew and I think it would be a good look for the guys from up top too. I think they stand to get a ton of money too. But, what is the common ground that they will rap about? 


Hard times?



I really want to know? What's interesting is that Buffalo and Toronto are like neighbors!  They are closer to each other than NYC. So, maybe there is something I don't know about like extremely cold weather. Either way, I am here for it. 

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rell e. rell
rell e. rell

don't fuckin do it. I know muthafukas that would take y'all hoodies & shirts straight to Goodwill if y'all do...then roc marci would take over


Benny has worked with Pusha & said he looks up to him so I'm NOT sure how he'd feel working with Drake!


I wouldn't do it if I'm them. Yeah it's a good look for Griselda but Drake hoping on the wave of the new hottest act is movie we've seen before. He'll get on the wave and get ghost as soon as its over. Besides that...what are they really gonna talk about on a track?