Drake Responds To Kanye's Apology And Yeezy Ain't Gonna Like It

Drake says a little and a lot at the same time...what's he planning.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West issued an apology to Drake today and with it, a bunch of gibber jabber. Honestly, I didn't read it. I know that makes me a bad "journalist," but I'm not a journalist to begin with. Anyway, everybody seems to feel that Drake has something on Kanye West. And , while Drake took a loss to Pusha T, he seems to be circling around Kanye like a vulture over a carcass with a car around it. You know, the vulture won't go over until the coast in clear.

Anyway, Kanye said sorry and Drake replied as ominously as he did in the past.

"Some advice. Duck."

Sounds like Drake is going for them blammers!

Here is the facts. People talk about Drake because he may have had some help with his writtens, but he's a competitive guy. He's clearly looking to catch a body. We have BEEN seeing this entire time that Drake was targeting KANYE, not Pusha T. He clearly went at Pusha T, but when that legendary diss "The Story of Adidon (Drake Diss)," came...Drake's revenge seemed to be pointed at Kanye.


He's taunting the man! I hope Kanye doesn't start crying again.

How did things change so fast?

Things change...really fast.

No. 1-1

This little Degrasi Puss was told not to beef with Pusha by his Elder, an he's still beefing with Kanye... J Prince is gonna have to put him over his knee for a spanking. How anyone values Drake's opinion in anything is beyond me.. Kanye IS a treasure trove of ammunition to diss... I just want the surgical summer to get going again. Drake clearly needs another Pusha slap