Drake's Amsterdam Fling Gets Exposed!



(AllHipHop Rumors) Plot twist!

So a few days ago, rumors hit that Drake may be creeping around on Jennifer Lopez with a porn star out in Amsterdam.

I still maintain that I believe that the 6 God and J-Lo's relationship is a fake publicity stunt that they are going to be able to milk later, but whatever.

Anyway back to the jump off in Amsterdam. The woman Drake was believed to be dining with was porn star Rosee Divine.

Apparently the woman who was dining with the 6 God at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam, @Sophieknowsbetter, has now spoken out.

The woman says she isn't a porn star, and that it's unfortunate that she is getting labeled on social media as such. She posted a comment that said,

"I know I mean eventually they'll see that they can't find one porno video of because I am not a pornstar but hey... the internet stays undefeated."

Another woman replied saying,

"@Sophieknowsbetter Everyong in Paris knows you sell your pussy to rappers and other rich men in w. Europe. And you are basically a madam for high class escorts. Stop denying your life in the industry. We Europeans all know why you're around Drake and his crew."

Wow that escalated quickly! The thing with social media is sometimes you don't know who is lying and who is being hateful. There is a lot of behind the scenes truth usually being exposed though.

Lol @Sophieknowsbetter says she has to get these bills paid. LOL Do you girl. Drake sure has an interesting type!