Drake's Ex Maliah Michel Reveals What He's Working With!


For the ladies! Maliah Michel reveals that Drake not only talks a good game, but he also backs it up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well this one would be for the ladies!

Although former Love & Hip Hop cast member and singer Jhonni Blaze didn't wish to put Drake on blast again, despite the fact that she'd done so in the past by revealing that Drake supposedly smashed her raw.

This time when given the opportunity to tell the world whether or not Drake was packing or not, Jhonni decided to plead the 5th.

Another person who decided to be a bit more vocal about what Drake was working with was his ex, stripper, Maliah Michel.

She said that Drake was well endowed enough to make a woman surprised.

She says that she isn't surprised that Drake is allegedly slanging "D" around the world, and she said she's not surprised that women have come out saying that they are allegedly pregnant by the rapper.

Well several women had rave reviews about Drake's sex game, and reality star turned radio host Deelishis said that Drake was the best sex that she ever had.

Well it seems that Drake has been known to like strippers, women with big booties, and he is rumored to be a guy that gets around, any women still lusting after the 6 God, shoot your shot when he's in your city.




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