Drake’s New Tat Takes Bromance To New Heights

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHip Rumors) The whole internet is ABUZZ! No, its not Donald Trump related. No, it has nothing to do with Black Liberation. No, it is not about 60,000 missing black women or children. It is: DRAKE GOT A LIL WAYNE TAT! Yes! All over the Hip-Hop Nation, people are questioning Drake’s motives for getting a pic of Weezy tatted on his body.

Yes, the headline was salacious for a reason! But I don’t see anything wrong with this tattoo. I think - in opinion - it is a dope homage to his downtrodden homie. Wayne changed Drake’s life crazy. So, I think this is cool. The Game did the same with Dr. Dre and others that he has tatted on his body. I need to get Malcolm X tatted on me or something. Anyway, check out the tat…