Drake's Reference Track For Baka's "Live Up To My Name" Surfaces


We may need to give Drake more credit than we do!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake may have re-cemented his legacy with the discovery of yet another reference track.

Why? Because this time a reference track leak has worked in favor of Mr. Drake.

Honestly I don’t understand how Drake is the only artist to have multiple reference tracks leaked, but that’s another story for another day.

Early 2017 saw the ascension of “Live Up To My Name,” a record by Baka that premiered on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio.

The record was infectious and grew to being received well by national radio stations and audiences as well.

Little was known of Baka at the time of the record’s initial release. The only mentions we heard of him was a shout out on Drake’s “Know Yourself” and a previous feature on Drake’s 'Nothing Was The Same' album.

Now a reference track of “Live Up To My Name” has surfaced with Drake spitting the same identical first verse and chorus as Baka does on the official version of the record.

It was always known that Drake is a songwriter, but his pen took a hit with the release of the Quentin Miller reference tracks from Drake’s 'If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late' album.

Drake is a superstar artist on top of his game and this track proves that he still has enough gas in the tank to fuel the careers of other artists as well.

We’re still waiting to hear more new music from Baka, aka Not Nice, but Drake has reminded us that Baka’s '4 Milli' project is still on schedule to be released.

With the latest update on the release being in September via his Instagram account.




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