Drake Says "F-ck Donald Trump"!

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Donald Trump has to be the most hated President EVER!


He certainly isn't popular or favorable in Hip Hop either, with that said. Well word on the street is that Drake allegedly turned down $750k to perform at a Floyd Mayweather event during Donald Trump's inaugural weekend.

It looks like Drizzy is a smart man because he allegedly shot down the idea and offer seeing how so many celebrities were catching flack for doing anything related to Donald Trump.

Let's not forget that Mayweather also expressed his support for Donald Trump, and he is one of the few celebrities that actually attended Trump's inauguration. Heavy sigh. Cooning is at an all-time high.

Anyway.... while we don't know how true Drake shooting down the offer is, we do know that he doesn't f-ck with Donald Trump AT ALL!

At one of the 6 God's recent concerts, he let it be known that he refuses to give Donald Trump that much acknowledgement or that much power to disrupt the world.

"For some reason in my room, they got the TV set to CNN. Everyday I wake up, I see all of this bulls-t going on in the world. People trying to tear us apart. People trying to make us turn against each other. So tonight, my proudest moment isn't selling tickets or having people sing my songs. My proudest moment....if you take a look around this room, you'll see people from all races, and all places. And all we did is come inside this building to show love, celebrate more life, and more music. And I just want you to understand that if you ever thought for a second any one man is gonna tear this world apart, you're out of your mind. It's on us to keep this sh-t together. F-ck that man," said Drake.

It's really f-ck Donald Trump yo! How did we get here?! How did he make it this far? Help us all!