Drake Shoots His Shot At This Actress!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake had a pretty amazing night as he took home 13 Billboard Music Awards, beating out Adele’s record of 12 wins!

One of his most notable acceptance speeches was the one where he shouted out Ludacris despite them not always seeing eye-eye-eye, his father and his purple outfit, and actress and host of the evening Vanessa Hudgens.

As cameras panned to Nicki Minaj, she made the moment hilarious as she asked Drake what about her recognition. Drake did end up shouting Nicki Minaj out during the acceptance speech, but folks are still on this Vanessa shout out.

Drake even took his lust and thirst for Hudgens over to social media as he followed her and started liking her posts immediately.

While everyone may not be here for these two becoming an item, folks certainly had some internet fun with Nicki’s reaction to the Vanessa shout out, and Drake’s reaction to Vanessa rapping. Check some of the reactions out below!.

I’m dying laughing that someone said Drake is gonna smash, and 40 is already working on the High School Musical sample. Carry on!

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