Dude Gets Mad And Fights After His Girl Takes A Picture With Jim Jones!

While in Massachusetts for a nightclub appearance, Rapper Jim Jones and crew were involved in a brief scuffle.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) This weekend has been an interesting one for rapper Jim Jones. He started the weekend off with a bang by linking up with Cam'ron & Freeky Zeeky for a short Dipset Reunion.

The group was booked to perform during this years Rolling Loud music festival. Their set was phenomenal as the group tore down the stage performing hit after hit.

As the weekend continued the Diplomats would split and go their separate ways. Jim Jones would travel to Massachusetts for another scheduled weekend event.

Rumors began swirling after the event that Jim Jones' bodyguard was jumped. Video later surfaced online of the brief scuffle outside Club Zone in Springfield.

Vlogs starting talking about the incident prompting Jim to offer a response. Jim took to Instagram to late fans know that he was ok and nobody in his crew was harmed.

The entire incident seemed to be because some guys were mad because their girl wanted a photo with Jim. It's crazy how one's love can turn into another's hate so fast, but that's Hip-Hop.

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Sleepy Jimmy is NO PRIZE! DipSht can't 'keep together' for a 'reunion', LAME AZZ BUMS! #DontFreePUNKmaxB


and if you don't like what I said, I ain't hard to find.NYC!!! FREEK MAXB!!!!


how a nigga mad cuz jones selfies his girl, he should've pounded her out and made herswaller his unborn dip set members and go home and kiss that nigga. Control yo ho, nigga!!!!