Eminem Gets Dissed By Tee Grizzley! Tupac Gets Lil Xan In Trouble Again!

A lot going on in the world of rumors and this includes Xan and Eminem disses!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Xan is not known to be a gangsta of any sort. He's the sort of rapper that gets hospitalized after eating too many flaming Cheetoes. But an encounter at a gas station reveals he's also a carrier of another kind of HEAT. Check out this video!


Staged? Maybe! Apparently this started out over a conversation about Tupac. Remember Xanny called Pac "boring" to his donkey day detriment?

Tee Grizzley Takes A Shot At Eminem!

Eminem is the king of Detroit, but not to everybody! Tee Grizzley clearly does not believe that the top seller in Hip-Hop is not that which people have proclaimed him to be! This ain't a sublime situation either. He says:

Bitch I run Detroit, niggas talking about Eminem
Bitch I’ll kill you, him and him

Now, I heard the diss and it is clear. I am not going to even entertain this as a rap battle, because that goes to big homie. Maybe Tee Grizzley means the streets. But that would be the other big homie, Trick Trick, right? I don't know! This new era is coming up fast! Here is the song.


I personally don't see this leading to any continued beef.


Chris Brown and Drake join forces.

Remember the rumor I made about Chris Brown and Drake doing an album? Well the song has dropped. If they do make an album, we know it all started right here.


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I’m born & raised in Detroit. Nobody in Here calls Eminem “The King of Detroit” so you sound stupid . The young rappers coming up don’t rock with Em like that . Em does NOT be in Detroit . Everybody outside Detroit always referring to Trick Trick y’all realize he like 50 plus years old now right?? Trick is well respected but Em.... nah . We do recognize his rap skills as a top rapper . But he is not king of Detroit


I like YG but on music you dont have anything for a lot of people. he may b street too, but trick trick definitely kink of the D but you know he wouldn't name call him out