Epic Fail of the Day: KKK Hands Out Recruitment Fliers in Black Neighborhood

AllHipHop Staff

A North Carolina Klan group accidentally handed out recruitment fliers in a predominately Black neighborhood.

We already know that racists aren't very smart but the KKK took their inanity to a new level. A Ku Klux Klan group from North Carolina tried to recruit members from Smyrna Beach but ended up dropping fliers in a predominately Black neighborhood.

Leaders passed out hundreds of fliers near North Myrtle Street over the past couple of days.

Resident Tim Washington said he was headed to work Monday morning when something stopped him in his tracks.

"(I) saw that it was a piece of paper on the ground and it had hate stuff on it," Washington said.

Washington was the recipient of a flier from a North Carolina Ku Klux Klan group seen during an August cross-burning.

Officials said that group sent the fliers to a Florida KKK group and leaders dropped hundreds of them in a New Smyrna Beach neighborhood in an effort to recruit new members.

Many people came outside Monday morning and found them in front of their homes.

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The group plans to pass out up to 600 fliers in the next few days.