Epic Fail of the Day: “Look Like Jesus”


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This has got to be a JOKE…a very bad joke. The dude Lil B says, “Hoes on my d**k, ‘cause I look like Jesus” and “N***as get mad, ‘cause I dress like Jesus Christ.” Let me tell you something…I cannot LIE…I laughed at this crazy fool, because this is outrageous and sacrilegious as all get out. Now, if this should somehow catch on in the streets or BET, MTV or whatever…I’m out. I will officially end my run in the rap game. Also, if this dude doesn’t go to Hell for this, I know I am going to love my mansion in the Heavens.

Wait, this dude has done songs and a lot of them, with people like Gucci Mane? On top of that, this dude was on Cocaine Blunts and has some legit songs…I’m confused now. Maybe somebody impersonated him? Who knows! I may have to pack my stuff soon!


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