Epic Fail of the Day: Man Named "Batman bin Suparman' Jailed For Three Years

AllHipHop Staff

A man named Batman bin Suparman isn't quite living up to his spectacular name.

This is why we should be mindful of what we name our kids. You can't have a superhero name but be up to no good.

A Singapore man named Batman bin Suparman (his name translates to "Batman son of Superman") became an Internet star a while ago after a picture of his ID card surfaced. He's back in the news after getting sentenced on Monday to three years in jail on various charges.

Via Huffington Post:

Batman was arrested in August, after surveillance video showed him stealing the equivalent of $400 from a store, according to court documents obtained by the AFP.

In addition, Batman stole the ATM card of his brother, Nurazman Suparman, and fraudulently used it to make purchases totally about $680, according to Channel News Asia. He also pleaded guilty to unrelated counts of theft and heroin consumption.

Some fans of Batman have expressed their dismay on the "Batman Bin Suparman Fan Club" Facebook page, lamenting that their hero "has fallen to the Dark Side." Others have called for someone to break him out of jail.

Sounds like his name should have been Joker bin Lex Luthor. Sorry, couldn't resist.