Epic Fail of The Day: Rapper Admits To Snitching In MC Friend


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Well, DAMN. I've said it a million times...I'm not a dude that claims to have ever sold drugs, hustled the streets or even shot a gun. That's not my steez. But, if I did live that life, I would abide by the laws of the group. One of those laws is no snitching. Now, no snitching means you don't rat out somebody to save you own skin.

Rewind to the 90s for a sec. There was a crew in Philly called the RAM SQUAD and they had it on smash back in the day...sorta. They also had the streets buzzing pretty crazy to for their connections to real Philly mobsters. They were most notably affiliated to Skinny Joey Merlino, who was a MAJOR FIGURE IN THE GAME. Well, in 2003, Ram Squad member Tommy Hill got popped and arrested by the coppers. After that there were a lot of talk about Tommy. People were saying he was a snitch. But, peep this! A former Ram Squad member BOY BACK admits to snitching and even setting up his friend Tommy Hill. Now you have to see the video to fully GRASP the severity of this street infraction!


This isn't some "no snitching" mess! Dude snitched on his friend based on a baseless hunch! DaAAAAAAAAAMN, homey!BOY BACKS, WE LOVE YOU - EVEN THOUGH YA SNITCHED! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!