Epic Fail of the Day: Russian Man Nails His Balls to the Ground in Protest of His Country

A Russian artist nailed his scrotum to the ground in protest against Russia's authoritarian regime.

A Russian artist nailed his testicles to the ground in protest against his country's authoritarian regime.

Via the Mirror:

Pyotr Pavelnsky hammered a large metal nail through his scrotum and into the cobblestones in front of Moscow's Red Square as hundreds of horrified tourists watched on.

Police eventually covered him up with a blanket before removing him from the scene.

He was taken to a clinic for treatment and placed under arrest.

In a statement posted on the grani.ru website prior to the demonstration, Mr Pavlensky had written: "A naked artist, looking at his balls nailed to the Kremlin pavement, is a metaphor for the apathy, political indifference, and fatalism of contemporary Russian society."

This isn't his first incident of this nature. In 2011, he sewed his lips together to highlight the plight of the jailed Pussy Riot group and he later wrapped his naked body in barbed wire outside a government building in St Petersburg.

Maybe he's just a sado/masochist on the low.