Epic Fails Of The Day: Raz B And Brandy

AllHipHop Staff

Man, F this bum a$$ Raz B. If you look at what I said the last day or so, that this was a press stunt, well…it was. Last week the dude got his a$$ beat in China. Look at this fool after he was supposedly pummeled by bottles.

Well, they released a statement from a publicist they hired. And the PR rep tells TMZ that the boy Raz is now on life support. RIGHT. Now, we all know the past of Raz B and this crew. Its just one stunt after another and this is no different. It seems like he was really beat the hell up, but he was never on any sort of life support. Apparently, he said that the publicist acted on her own and was not speaking in any official capacity. SMH! Who says that about a publicist that YOU hired?

Moving on to somebody that's nicer.


This happened. She was all set to perform in Johannesburg, South Africa. But when she got there to the STADIUM…there were only about 40 people in attendance. She was distraught and left after performing two songs. Now, Brandy needs to be screaming on the person that promoted the damn event, because they certainly failed! I hope they paid her. Much love to Bran Bran, but we cannot escape this as a fail.

She's a winner that hit a bad space, unlike Raz B.

"They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!" -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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