EPIC WIN/FAIL OF THE DAY: Judge Claims Black Church Is Rightful Owner of KKK Store

Courts Grant Property of KKK Store to Black Church, But There's a Hitch...

"A South Carolina district court judge recently ruled that the New Beginnings Baptist Church is the rightful owner of a store that sells Ku Klux Klan robes and T-shirts. The battle over the building began in 1997 when a disgruntled KKK member transferred ownership to Rev. David Kennedy and his church, the Associated Press reports. However, a clause in the deed entitles the store’s proprietor, John Howard, to operate his business, the Redneck Shop, until he dies.

After a decade of Howard refusing to allow Kennedy and New Beginnings to inspect the property, the church finally sued the former KKK grand dragon for the Carolinas and others in 2008. Although it is unclear what the ruling means for Howard’s business, Rev. Kennedy told the Associated Press that after years of hateful reprisals by KKK klansman against church members, he’s not counting anything out.'I think that the church would do good in that building,' Kennedy said." -ABA

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As of now, Howard's KKK store is only open one day a week, as opposed to its previous five, so that alone deserves a WIN. But, the fact that the store is even still open and operating in any capacity deserves a FAIL.

We wonder what "Clayton Bigsby" has to say about all of this...