Epic Win of the Day: Lil B Says Sorry For Wanting To Rape Kanye West


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Lil B, Soulja Boy's best friend, made headlines when he said if Kanye West didn't record with him he would rape him anally. YEP! But now the rapper is apologetic for his remarks towards West. In an exclusive interview with VIBE.com, Lil B explained.

"What’s funny is that before I made that comment, I forgot that he posted one of my videos on his blog. God bless Kanye. He posted 'Swag OD,' the song I did with Soulja Boy," Lil B said. "I just forgot about that. Bottom line is I really just want to work with him and do some production for him. No one on earth is doing what I’m doing and time will prevail. I ain’t going to rush nothing. But he knows I respect him and his artistic ability. One day it will happen, he know I got love for him."

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Dude compares himself to Nicki Minaj! CLAP FOR HIM!LIL B, WE LOVE YOU!! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!