Erykah Badu Gets Some Heat Over Kanye West Comments


Erykah Badu gets all "problematic" and insanity ensues on Twitter.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ms. Badu is one of the mystical queens of Hip-Hop and R&B. But every now and then something happens that makes you say “Hmmmmmmmmm.” There was some apparent support of R. Kelly. On another instance, she seemed to suggest women’s clothing got men all randy and caused sexual assault. This week, she showed solidarity with Kanye West and the internets went IN. They talked back to momma!

Check it out.

It is definitely spooky out here. I get it. A lot of people instinctively want to go against the grain and what they may consider “group think.” But, Kanye is just in another orbit and that is way out of synch with the people. I’m not sure what her play is, but I hope she is able to get HIM some help.

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If you told me that in 2018 Erykah Badu and Kanye West would be accused of white supremacy I would have told you to lay off the crack but here we are.


Nothing wrong for having your own mind or opinions but if you can't explain your reasoning then you are stupid..Give me a good reason you love Trump and maybe ppl could understand it..He don't know nothing about politics but were just talking out his a$s.Wearing a make America Great Again hat but know damn well America was always horrible for us but got better..