Eve's Husband Told Her His Father Didn't Like Black People


Eve's husband has an interesting sense of humor.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I think Eve is certainly here to stay on 'The Talk'.

The Philly rapper-turned-actress-turned television host has certainly been keeping folks entertained from her comments on Nicki Minaj's risque cover and a story about some mystery fellow female emcee trying to steal her shine.

Now Eve is back with another personal story.

E-V-E recently reflected on the early days of dating her husband, Maximillion Cooper, and while doing so, she shared a pretty interesting story.

During a recent episode of 'The Talk', Eve gave her reaction to model Ashley Graham's grandmother racistly reacting to her black boyfriend.

Eve revealed that when she was going to meet Max's parents he told her that he doesn't like black people.......but it was all a huge joke on Eve.

“When my husband and I first started dating, I was going to meet his parents and he thought it would be funny to tell me that his dad didn’t like black people. He was kidding," said Eve.

According to Eve, her husband has a sick sense of humor.

“You have to know my husband, he thinks stuff like this is funny and it was funny, because his parents are amazing and beautiful. But he did tell me that and I was terrified. I was like, ‘How could you not prepare them, what did you say, why couldn’t you tell them?,’ and then I got there and they were amazing, but I was so stressed out,” added Eve.

I could only imagine how stressed out Eve was. Thankfully his parents weren't really racist. Carry on.


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