Everyone Isn't Excited About Drake's Grammy Nods!

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Every year Grammy nominations bring their share of excitement and dissappointment.

When it comes to Drake and his Grammy "Album of the Year" and "Best Rap Album" nods for his 4X platinum, album, 'Views', everyone does not feel he is so deserving.

Despite the album's popularity and commercial success, there are just some fans that Drake failed to win over.

Fans took to Twitter to express that they felt that there were a list of albums more deserving [to be nominated] than 'Views'. One fan, @ChrisShoots, event went as far as to say fans and The Academy are now confusing popular with good.

Drake clearly has a huge fan base that was more than ready to clap back on Twitter about the negativity.

A fan, @nine3michellem tweeted,

“Everyone on the TL saying Views trash but any song off Views comes on and they know it word for word lol.”

Another Twitter user, @_LadiesLoveTone, said,

“Views trash but it went platinum 4x. But we got act like y’all wasn’t tweeting the lyrics & using them for IG captions."

Peope have been divided over the quality of 'Views' since it came out. Interestingly enough, some fans feel that the 6 God still doesn't have a landmark or game-changing album. What are your thoughts? Was 'Views' overrated?