Evidence? Seems Like Dwight Howard Was Gay All Along


As the jokes continue to pour, there are so many things to consider with Dwight Howard!

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is so much to “unpack” with this Dwight Howard stuff. I am not the expert nor am I the king of political correctness. But, let’s try to do this. First of all, it would seem like superstar Dwight Howard left plenty “bread crumbs” around that show us he was a gay lover of transsexuals. Not only did he have a transsexual girlfriend, but he cheated on said transsexual girlfriend with other trans people. He was allegedly hitting...wait. No, he was not “hitting” anything, because the ex alleges that he was a “6’ 11” BOTTOM” (all caps style). I am shocked the ex-transsexual girlfriend did not use the words “on God” after making that stunning proclamation. How did we arrive to this moment in history.

Check this out and swipe left for some of which is in circulation:

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg, keeping it a buck. But, where is grabbing another man’s crotch in public against his will cool? Dwight Howard was bold!

He had a lot of fun as a celebrity, but all of the likkle things he’s done over the years is coming out. But, before I get into that, let’s get into this: he allegedly threatened the well-being of his transsexual lover. Why? He wanted to preserve the illusion, according to the audio that said ex-lover presented on social media. He also wanted to protect his friends and family as well. I think Dwight just did not want the stigma of being gay on his bumper. No pun intended. Also, it would seem that the players knew all along, but kept it hidden. According to sources, he has gotten a frosty reception in the locker room of his various teams. Apparently, they knew, but it would not be cool to put him out there like that.

Back to the transsexual ex...is this a thing? Is it cool to out somebody as a gay person or a person with an attraction to transsexuals? It has always been impressed upon me that the was a sure-shot, irrefutable fact that you do not “out” people as gay. This is typically directed to straight people that are outing gay folks out there against their will, not gays/trans outing secret gay/trans. So, it seems like there are some that are applauding the outing because of the threats against Dwight’s former alleged boo, but not quite understanding that the threats came because of the pending outing. Now, if you are cheating, you get what you get, I suppose and all is fair in love and war. I am not excusing the threats, but I am also not sure what is protocol when something so secret is made public maliciously against your will? Also, on the other side, what is protocol? Shouldn’t Masin Elije, the alleged transsexual in question What is it? Don’t a lot of people outed against their will commit suicide, right? Dwight can’t do that, because he’s rich and dying...well, it doesn’t make sense!

Royce Reed, Dwight’s ex, seems to be getting a big kick out of this whole thing! She and Dwight used to bicker and fight, they have seemingly made peace. Nevertheless, she has apparently pulled out her popcorn and is enjoying the festivities around her ex. I suppose her main concern is making sure their 11 year old son does not suffer from the ramifications from a cruel world that now feels the father is a lover of transsexuals.

Nothing shocks me. Let the man be whatever he wants to be without persecution. Let people be honest!! This will be interesting and I am certain I’ll be writing more about it, but this i the most I have written in a long time.

By the way, there is a contingency that contends that this whole thing is fake and that Dwight is being set up. The conspiracies run deeper, but that is all for now. You can now carry on.

I can’t lie though. The fact that Dwight Howard has been out for an extended period due to a “Gluteal Injury” is funny af. I mean come on! The Illuminati has a sense of humor! You can’t make this up!

Remember when Kobe called Dwight soft and a pu$$y? Sheesh! There’s so much to say. Again...that’s it for now.

More power to homie!