Ex-G-Unit Member Would Do Song With Rick Ross

50 Cent is not going to be pleased at this recent interview.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am sure that in the grand scheme of Rick Ross’s life, Kidd Kidd is like 126,209,345, 541, 744, 302nd thing on his mind. Maybe more. But, as a former rapper with 50 Cent’s G-Unit he still probably wants to make sure his affiliates no longer rock with any of his enemies. Kidd Kidd did his thing, but nothing quite popped off.

Kidd Kidd makes it clear that he would do a “business move” with Rick Ross if presented with that opportunity. He said it would be a money thing for him in this interview with Doggie Diamonds. I am thinking he would set 50 Cent off in the most worst way. He does say he would never do a song with Ja Rule, which I don’t believe would matter to Fif. It is pretty clear that Kidd Kidd isn’t messing with 50 or this would never come out of his mouth.

Kids gotta eat.

Kidd Kidd SHT SHT - F*CK Officer Ricky!

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He knows Ross would only be using him to jab at 50 if they worked together. Kidd Kidd's eagerness to be used as a pawn speaks directly to the desperation of his financial situation.

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