EXCLUSIVE:Beyonce Is Gonna Give Megan Thee Stallion A HUGE BOOST!


Let's just say signing to Roc Nation has major benefits! Lookie here!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, I cannot tell you how this came to fruition. But lets just say I have friends that have friends in high places. You ain't heard this one from ANYBODY ELSE and if you do, they stole it from me! Lets just get right into it!

I, illseed the writer of this glorious text, have found out that Megan Thee Stallion is about to drop a Beyonce collaboration....THE QUEEN. Bey and Meg are apparently putting a remix to the hit song "Savage" and it's about to be sick!

Now....here is "Savage" for those that don't know. 

I think this song is perfect for a Beyonce-assist!

Megan has seen her share of turmoil in the recent past. She had a highly publicized beef with her former management team that allegedly had her locked into a Draconion record deal. Well, J. Prince was involved and said that her breaking said deal was not honorable.  Now that she is down with Roc Nation, she is seeing some uptick. 

Listen to me and wait for the remix. 

I remember a day when Nicki and Beyonce were like the best of friends. 

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When I found out Megan is signed to Jay Z management company I knew then that she has a lasting future in the music business.