Exclusive: Ryan Henry Allegedly & Rumorly Shot Up Black Ink Chicago Se

The king of Black Ink Chicago is rumored to be bussing his gun on the set.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is a doozie of a rumor, but we are hearing that Ryan Henry, star of “Black Ink Chicago” may have shot up the set. I admit, I don’t know a lot about this super duper reality star, but I have gotten acclimated recently. He’s a bad boy and very popular, but you may already know this. I am not sure what the circumstances are but sources say that Ryan Henry went off and shoot up the set of “Black Ink Chicago”. I don’t think anybody was hurt, since there are no reports out there. So, if you report on this: TELL ‘EM WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM.

These Black Ink people seem to be cheating all over the place. Last year Ryan admitting to cheating and that he “f##ked up.” Anyway, I’m not messing with my G anymore. If he is willing to shoot up a set, he may be cool shooting a human.

Ryan is the man above the VH1 logo, by the way.

Illseed, OUT!

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This show is ridiculous they took a bunch of antisocial drug and alcohol addicted strippers and put them in a tattoo shop just sad.