F**K Laura Ingraham: Fox Host Mocks Nipsey Hussle Death For Donald Trump

Laura Ingraham has no respect for our fallen soldier so we have none for her!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Why do we care about what these devils think? I don't know, but we do. So when Laura Ingraham mocks and jokes about Nipsey Hussle's death, it should not bother me. She's clearly evil. And yet we care. Not really. But this dumb ass said Nip and YG released this song "recently" but the idiot and her researchers didn't note that the song came out in 2016. Secondly, it was YG's song, a$$hole. Thirdly she didn't even show Nip. It ws YG. Dummy is talking about employment rates. STFU, GTFOH and IDGAF, B!TCH. “Now that’s a very creative refrain,” she said with a parakeet named Raymond Arroyo that agreed. I am thinking that she really enjoys juggling Trump's nuts so she has to keep this nonsense up.

Here's F Donald Trump Part 1.

Here is the remix for you Mayo a$$.

Now we just need YG to create a new song called "F**K Laura Ingraham."

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It’s funny watching this Flaming liberals Hillary lovers Go crazy over the stupidest stuff it’s good entertainment